Saturday, November 18, 2017

Shop update

Hi everyone just a quick post with a shop update. I've been super busy making for a market on Sunday so will have new goodies going in my shop Monday and Tuesday.

I've been busy making Christmas journals, so much fun! These are great to use as:

 -December daily (depending on how much you write you could possibly use it for more than 1 Christmas)
-Christmas recipe book, document your Christmas recipes each year
-Christmas guest book, have friends and family wirte in your Christmas journal each year
-general documenting of Christmas, photos, present, cards etc
-Christmas shopping
-Christmas planner

They have new and old pages in them some are handwritten dating to the early 1900s!

 Most have been sold but this sweet book is still available in my shop here.

Next week I'm aiming to post a tutorial so stay tuned. I'm also working on some more patterns!

Don't forget my new ebook which is full of fun and easy sewing for Christmas. So pop over to my shop to have a look!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas sewing ebook

My new ebook 'Christmas Fun: Inspirational projects for Christmas' is now available in my shop on Etsy! Pop over and check it out!

Love creating at Christmas, check all that apply:

- you're busy at Christmas, overwhelmed and lacking inspiration but still want to create new decorations and unique gifts for friends and family
- you love making new decorations each year for your home
- you're looking for new ideas for gifts to make
- you're tired of patterns that give you vague instructions and are hard to follow
- you're looking for cute projects to make for your local Christmas fair, shop or online store.

If you checked or said 'yes' to any of the above this book is perfect for you. It's a one stop shop for your Christmas projects, the book includes 79 pages with:

- 9 inspirational projects and ideas to make, some with variations so in reality there are many more than 9 patterns 
- patterns include tree decorations, table runner, hanging tree decorations, Christmas wreath, gift cards and tags, gift bags, garlands and gift wrapping ideas
- table of contents so you know where to find things 
- explanations supported by process photos to help you visualize the explanations
- printable templates, placement drawings and embroidery designs
- where I buy my supplies 

Plus you will receive a BONUS 2 Christmas patterns which you can download instantly when you check out! That's great value for money

The patterns are super fun and easy to make so don't hesitate put on your favourite Christmas music and start sewing! You won't want to stop at making one but a whole bundle of these projects to give away or sell at your local maket!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Festive Santa Pdf Pattern

This gorgeous Santa Pdf pattern is still available in my shop. It's super fun to make and SO easy! The colour and pattern combinations are endless! You definitely won't be able to stop at making one santa, before you know it you'll have a whole team of santas!!!

What to do with all these little guys?? Decorate your home, put them on the mantle, on side tables in the entry way and what about down the center of your Christmas table!!! I made these santas for a client who purchased an antique French cheese board which she is going to place down the center of her table with the santas on top. Such a cool idea!!

A great idea could be to make one for each person at the table and have a santa sitting on top of, or near, each plate!

Let's not forget they make for fabulous gifts! They can go in stockings or given as gorgeous, unique handmade gifts, especially for those you need to give a small thank you to before Christmas - friends, family teachers and so on!

Whilst we're on the Christmas theme, I'm working on a large project which will soon be finished! Here's another little sneak peek into it!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Antique market shopping

Last Sunday was my ideal day, I went to an antique market in San Giovanni in Marignano. Even better still, my daughter decided to come with me! We had a lovely brekkie together and she had fun looking at all the old Barbie doll clothing.

The town itself is lovely and old, the perfect setting for an antique market.

I found all manner of goodies without spending a fortune and came home feeling inspired and ready to create!

Beautiful old postcards from around 1900!


 A lovely supply of antique lace, trims and threads!

 Gorgeous old books with fantastic illustrations ready to be used in journals!

These incredible old letters, one is really interesting as on one side it was printed with a list. I read it at home and it is a list of people and their crimes sent from the police in Ancona, dated 1849! One of the crimes was plotting against King Ferdinando of the 2 Sicilies! I looked him up on the internet and infact, there was a revolution in 1848 against the king. It's such a thrill to own such a wonderful piece of history.

Finally there was this gorgeous piece a sampler completed by a student of the Benedictine nuns in 1874. I would have loved to buy this gorgeous piece but it was a little out of my price range at the moment. I was allowed to take a photo of it though!

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Journal making fun

It's and unusually warm Autumn this year, I guess that was to be expected after our super hot summer! I'm left wondering what in stall for us this winter??

I'm already in Christmas mode, my favourite time of the year!  I've been dying to make a Christmas journal so I finally took the plunge and made one. I used an old book and found lots of super cute images on Pinterest to include.

In the journal I included lots of pockets and tuck spots with tags for writing. 

The tags I made in a random sort of way without a template so they are all different sizes. 

This journal is a gift for one of my favourite people in the world, so I hope she likes and enjoys it. There's plenty of space to document more than one Christmas. Such fun to include the recipes used for the year, photos, and even fun pre Christmas activities. It can also be a cool spot to store Christmas cards you liked, wrapping and so on.

Along with this fun activity I finally finished some new travel journals I've been making, also as a gift. These are for my teenage nephews who are coming over to Europe in December with their mum and dad. They will all be spending Christmas here with us which we are so excited about.

I thought possibly they might like a journal each to store anything they gather up along the way - postcards, tickets, business cards etc. I learnt to make this type of journal from Mary Anne Moss' Stitch Bookery class. Here I made sure it wasn't too girlie, a difficult task indeed!

 Here's a quick flip through.


I'm thinking I may need to make another one of these for my sister in law (their mum), it's her first time to Europe so she may like to have a place to write and store her bits and pieces too!

Of course there's been a lot of sewing going on too. I made a couple of growth charts, have new items in my shop and I'm working on a project which I hope to release soon.

Here's a little sneak peek.  I'll show a little more in each blog post! All I can say is it will be a lot of fun!!!

These type of materials are being used!!! Can anyone guess the theme???

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Fabric and craft supply storage

A problem most of us who sew face is how to store our ever growing supply of fabrics, trims, buttons and so on! It's such a dilemma!

It's easy when you first buy a fat quarter or meter of fabric and haven't cut into it yet, but what happens when you start using it and have uneven bits hanging off it everywhere???? This for me is when the mess begins!

So first of all where do you store your fabrics? On shelves, in drawers, in plastic bins??? With what logic do you categorize them? There are so many possiblities! I'll tell you what works for me but I would love to hear other ideas as I'm always trying to improve my organisational system!

Here are my categories:

1. Large, small pieces of fabric  and scrap pieces - Large pieces go on shelves, fat quater pieces go in drawers and scrap pieces go in Ikea plastic containers

2. Colours - all of the above are divided into colours

3. I have a separate draw for geometrics - stripes, checks, dots etc - this one is always a mess!

4. Antique hemp, old tea towels, old sheets etc - go on their own shelf

5. Antique florals - on their own shelf

6. Mid to heavy weight stripes - all together

7. Plains - all together 

8. Vintage embroidered tablecloths, tray cloths etc - folded in plastic containers + they are divided into coloured and plain 

Then there's the tiresome task of  keeping them tidy. When they are a mess I can't find anything does anybody else have that problem???

I found a fabulous method on Pinterest that has revolutionized my shelves! I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago. You can read about it here.

This just the fabrics, of course we don't only have fabrics do we??? We have trims, felt, buttons, zippers, batting, threads and the list goes on. Some I have successfully stored and others not so well! Maybe someone can suggest some better methods!

For my trims (old and new) and smaller doilies I have these fabulous Ikea drawers. They have dividers! I wrap them on trim cards and store them in rows. This works quite well but does need to be tidied fairly often!!!

For my antique trims I made some fabric baskets that fit nicely into the drawers.  

These classic wooden Ikea drawers are great for zippers, sewing machine threads and so on. I decorated mine with some lovely gift wrapping paper I found on a visit to Melbourne. When I was home in Sydney I saw my sister had done hers this way and loved it.

I love antique and vintage tins and have been collecting them over the last year. I love these for my buttons! And they look so pretty to have around!

My felt is a bit of a mess to be honest! I divide the felt into colours and slip them into large bags and have them in a largish plastic container. It's rarely in order so is a continual thorn in my side! Any suggestions?????

There are many ideas on Pinterest for storing fabric in a tidy fashion. I guess the method you choose depends on how much space you have. My sewing room is small so I have shelves along one wall, I like to see my larger pieces of fabrics there.

Earlier this year I bought Margaret Sampson George's book and was interested to read she stores her fabrics in plastic containers based on large and small prints. I considered trying this method but feel dividing by colour is better for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to hear what works for you! If so please leave a comment below.
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Thanks for reading!