Saturday, January 20, 2018

Quilting and embroidery tutorial

Today I'm thrilled to post my first ever tutorial! I've been wanting to do one of these for a long time now and have finally taken the plunge with this one! Hopefully there will be many more to come!!!

It's a very simple tutorial using one my fabric kits recently listed in my shop (here). I thought it would be cool to give some ideas as to what to do with it! So here goes!

In the kit you will find:
- one larger piece, beige with white spots
- around 15 scrap pieces 
- felt bunny cut out (it's been handcut not with a diecut)
- 5 handcut felt flowers

You will need:
- batting (optional)
- co-ordinating cotton fabric if you want to line your end product and/or add handles
- zipper if you want to make a zipper pouch or small bag 
- embroidery floss in various colours
- off white cotton thread
- pins and embroidery needles
- scissors + usual sewing notions
- sewing machine

How to:

Cut a piece of batting to your desired size. Mine measured approximately 26cm x 17.5cm (10'' x 7'').
Choose what fabrics you would like to use and randomly lay them on one piece of batting.

Pin or baste in place:

For your backing piece - or prepare a second one in the same way you did the first or take a larger piece and place a few fabrics as I did.

Machine quilt both pieces. I did this randomly, I didn't draw any lines I just went along randomly with the machine in rows. Be careful to catch the edges of the fabrics so they don't lift.

The front and back will look like this:

Place the felt bunny on your front piece and applique it with small stitches using a same colour cotton thread:

Place the felt flowers and put a small stitch with cotton thread to hold them:

Embroidery- center of the flowers : 4 strands of DMC moline thread , French knot. The leaves are single daisy stitches here and there. Please note I didn't draw my embroidery on, I just placed the stitches randomly.
Tail : stem is backstitch, leaves are single daisy stitches, berries French knots.

I made my little project into a zipper pouch, which I love, love, love!

I haven't included the making up of the pouch on the tutorial as the kit could be adpted to so many different projects. 

You could also make it into many other items, here are some ideas:
- fabric basket
- easter egg hunt basket/tote (I have a pattern here to which this kit could be adapted)
- sweet little wall art
- book cover

And the list goes on! 

Thank you so much for reading!
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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Christmas sewing

Lots of Christmas sewing has been going on here, hence my silence!!! Today is my first day of market in San Marino, 'Natale delle Meraviglie'. It's a wonderful event in the Republic of San Marino full of little wooden houses filled with lovely handmade products to give as unique gifts for Christmas! There are activities for kids and lots of food stalls! All in all a fabulous Christmassy atmosphere.

Of course last minute orders came in this week. They are always a priority so they can arrive in a timely fashion before Christmas! I found myself working like as mad woman preparing the items I was missing for market!

2018 diaries!

More photo albums!

More Christmas journals! These are available in my shop.

Nativity scenes!

And more Christmas decorations!!!

Oh and not to forget a birthday pressie for my friend's daughter who turned 8!!!!! This one I loved and will definitely be making more next week in this style!

That's about it for today I have to go and get ready for market! Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks so much!

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Shop update

Hi everyone just a quick post with a shop update. I've been super busy making for a market on Sunday so will have new goodies going in my shop Monday and Tuesday.

I've been busy making Christmas journals, so much fun! These are great to use as:

 -December daily (depending on how much you write you could possibly use it for more than 1 Christmas)
-Christmas recipe book, document your Christmas recipes each year
-Christmas guest book, have friends and family wirte in your Christmas journal each year
-general documenting of Christmas, photos, present, cards etc
-Christmas shopping
-Christmas planner

They have new and old pages in them some are handwritten dating to the early 1900s!

 Most have been sold but this sweet book is still available in my shop here.

Next week I'm aiming to post a tutorial so stay tuned. I'm also working on some more patterns!

Don't forget my new ebook which is full of fun and easy sewing for Christmas. So pop over to my shop to have a look!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas sewing ebook

My new ebook 'Christmas Fun: Inspirational projects for Christmas' is now available in my shop on Etsy! Pop over and check it out!

Love creating at Christmas, check all that apply:

- you're busy at Christmas, overwhelmed and lacking inspiration but still want to create new decorations and unique gifts for friends and family
- you love making new decorations each year for your home
- you're looking for new ideas for gifts to make
- you're tired of patterns that give you vague instructions and are hard to follow
- you're looking for cute projects to make for your local Christmas fair, shop or online store.

If you checked or said 'yes' to any of the above this book is perfect for you. It's a one stop shop for your Christmas projects, the book includes 79 pages with:

- 9 inspirational projects and ideas to make, some with variations so in reality there are many more than 9 patterns 
- patterns include tree decorations, table runner, hanging tree decorations, Christmas wreath, gift cards and tags, gift bags, garlands and gift wrapping ideas
- table of contents so you know where to find things 
- explanations supported by process photos to help you visualize the explanations
- printable templates, placement drawings and embroidery designs
- where I buy my supplies 

Plus you will receive a BONUS 2 Christmas patterns which you can download instantly when you check out! That's great value for money

The patterns are super fun and easy to make so don't hesitate put on your favourite Christmas music and start sewing! You won't want to stop at making one but a whole bundle of these projects to give away or sell at your local maket!

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Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Festive Santa Pdf Pattern

This gorgeous Santa Pdf pattern is still available in my shop. It's super fun to make and SO easy! The colour and pattern combinations are endless! You definitely won't be able to stop at making one santa, before you know it you'll have a whole team of santas!!!

What to do with all these little guys?? Decorate your home, put them on the mantle, on side tables in the entry way and what about down the center of your Christmas table!!! I made these santas for a client who purchased an antique French cheese board which she is going to place down the center of her table with the santas on top. Such a cool idea!!

A great idea could be to make one for each person at the table and have a santa sitting on top of, or near, each plate!

Let's not forget they make for fabulous gifts! They can go in stockings or given as gorgeous, unique handmade gifts, especially for those you need to give a small thank you to before Christmas - friends, family teachers and so on!

Whilst we're on the Christmas theme, I'm working on a large project which will soon be finished! Here's another little sneak peek into it!

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Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Antique market shopping

Last Sunday was my ideal day, I went to an antique market in San Giovanni in Marignano. Even better still, my daughter decided to come with me! We had a lovely brekkie together and she had fun looking at all the old Barbie doll clothing.

The town itself is lovely and old, the perfect setting for an antique market.

I found all manner of goodies without spending a fortune and came home feeling inspired and ready to create!

Beautiful old postcards from around 1900!


 A lovely supply of antique lace, trims and threads!

 Gorgeous old books with fantastic illustrations ready to be used in journals!

These incredible old letters, one is really interesting as on one side it was printed with a list. I read it at home and it is a list of people and their crimes sent from the police in Ancona, dated 1849! One of the crimes was plotting against King Ferdinando of the 2 Sicilies! I looked him up on the internet and infact, there was a revolution in 1848 against the king. It's such a thrill to own such a wonderful piece of history.

Finally there was this gorgeous piece a sampler completed by a student of the Benedictine nuns in 1874. I would have loved to buy this gorgeous piece but it was a little out of my price range at the moment. I was allowed to take a photo of it though!

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Thanks for reading!